Raunchy rapstress Peaches and two-thirds of Le Tigre packed the house at the Highline Ballroom on Wednesday night (June 20). MEN (made up of Johanna Fatemen and JD Samson) warmed up the androgynous crowd with disco, hip-hop and rock classics, spinning a set that ranged from Gwen Stefani to the Gossip. Peaches subsequently made her dramatic entrance in a belted purple kimono, rousing the audience with opening number “Fuck or Kill.” She then stripped off the robe and changed into a series of revealing metallic outfits, often resembling a glam rock superhero. Her special powers included chugging beer and performing back bends in front of a series of homemade videos (including a parody of Alanis Morissette’s “My Humps” cover, which Peaches repurposed as “My Dumps”). In addition to spouting the lecherous lyrics of “Two Guys (For Every Girl),” “Shake Yer Dix” and “Fuck the Pain Away,” the singer also spat up fake blood and drenched the audience with water and whiskey, no doubt sending hordes of people running home to take a cold shower. GINNY YANG / PHOTOS BY MARISA ABIZA

We asked: Justine and JD took time off from their regular Le Tigre gig to DJ as MEN. What is your favorite musical side project of all time?


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