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The Long Blondes

Who? The Long Blondes formed in Sheffield, England in 2003, channeling their love for femme pop classics through the vocals of lead singer Kate Jackson and singer/guitarist Emma Chaplin. With guitarist Dorion Cox, bassist Reenie Delaney and drummer Screech Louder, they issued singles on a klatch of indies labels, which made a sensation in the U.K. A few years later, they’d become lionized by the European fashionista rock set, thrice broke the BBC Top 40, and won the illustrious Philip Hall Radar Award from NME.

What’s the Deal? The first thing to catch your ear (or eye) will be spirited romp of singer Kate Jackson, who claims love for Nancy Sinatra, but has the attitude and sex appeal of peak Debbie Harry. With her leading the charge, the debut full-length, Someone to Drive You Home, is a banging set of glam pop that was released last November in the U.K., and arrives stateside via Beggars Banquet this week. Produced by Pulp bassist Steve Mackey, the record is bursting with sultry dance floor numbers like “Once And Never Again” and “Weekend Without Make Up.”

Fun Fact: Much has been made of the band’s chic image, bolstered by Jackson’s affinity for neck scarves and a debut single pressed on pink vinyl. If you want to buy some of her hand-me-downs, she sells clothes for a Sheffield vintage boutique on eBay. NATE CAVALIERI

Now Hear This: The Long Blondes – “Once and Never Again” DOWNLOAD MP3>