The Long Blondes Are ‘Oh So Pretty!’

Having spent the last year wooing their native England with their mod-centric pop sound, English indie darlings the Long Blondes have arrived stateside. Last night (June 6), the stylish five-piece confronted a nearly sold-out crowd at Brooklyn’s Luna Lounge with a fury of head tosses and hip shaking a plenty. Nicole Atkins and the Sea, and We Are Scientists (under the disguise of Beat Up Old Fellas) opened the gig; We Are Scientists played to a sparsely populated room, as few were aware of their secret appearance. Nicole led her Sea through a collection of songs from their 2006 EP, Bleeding Diamonds, and soon-to-be released studio full-length, Neptune City. At the end of each of Atkins’ passionate doo-wop meets death rock songs, shouts of “I love you!” could be heard throughout the crowd. One dedicated fan requested, “NO MORE FLASH!” in response to the numerous flashbulbs capturing the banged beauty. Atkins simply replied, “Oh sorry, I don’t have any cameras!” before churning out an intense cover of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” to the now packed house.

Once the Long Blondes took the stage, the expansive space of the Luna Lounge was teeming with excitement. Dangerously, dazzling singer Kate Jackson gyrated and shimmied her way through the band’s recently released album, Someone to Drive You Home, while her bandmates elegantly plucked, played and banged their instruments behind her. As Kate’s daring alto rang out, “You’re so pretty! Oh so pretty!” during the hit song, “Giddy Stratospheres,” a group of dedicated devotees kicked, jumped, and shook the dance floor. Amidst all the bump and grind of the Long Blondes set (which also included “Once and Never Again” and “Heaven Help the New Girl”) the Luna Lounge is certainly lucky to still be standing. MARY-LOUISE PRICE / PHOTOS BY ERIC NOWELS

We asked: The Long Blondes’ latest album is entitled Someone to Drive You Home. When was the last time you needed someone to drive you home, and what happened?


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