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Kurt Cobain Merch

In light of Dr. Martens’ botched attempt at utilizing Kurt Cobain’s heavenly image in a recent advertisement, bloggers have uncovered more uses of the grunge god’s image: Lunch boxes, action figures, lighters, guitar picks, and even a liquor flask key chain. Although the lunch boxes have been available in recent years (possibly via illegal image appropriation), Love has recently given the green light for National Entertainment Collectables Association to utilize Cobain’s image for the aforementioned products.

And in response, bloggers, fans, and sympathizing bystanders are up in arms, claiming Cobain, a renowned anti-conformist, wouldn’t condone such usage. But the peripheral protests haven’t derailed Love; last year she raked in $50 million by selling a 25 percent stake in Nirvana’s song catalog to Primary Wave and she’s now gearing up to cash in Cobain’s closet and imminent silver screen biopic. But still, Love maintains Cobain’s music wouldn’t be used for anything he wouldn’t have agreed with. “We believe if we say yes to the right things, we can do both — make money and do the right thing for the catalog,” reports Love’s manager, Peter Asher, told Forbes.

If you feel so inclined, head over to to pick up a Cobain lunch box and thermos of your very own.

Here’s what bloggers are saying about the usage of Cobain’s image:

“Courtney Love wasn’t happy when Dr. Martens tried to use Kurt Cobain for their newest ads, but she’s ok with his face appearing on lunch boxes, action figures, and mini flasks. Something tells me Kurt wouldn’t have liked either.” —

“As for the key chain as a flask, well, that may be a new low.” — Indie Jenn,

“They’re marketing Cobain, just like they’ve marketed Tupac Shakur and Elvis and mostly any big name that dies. What ticks me off is its companies that are making profit and in this case, Courtney Love, whom is probably very happy that her late husband still pays for her lack of mental presence, if at least it would go to their families.” — iamwormbuffet,

“Damn Courtney, ain’t you got enough money, bee-atch?” — Anna Log,

“Imagine the most tasteless exploitation of Kurt Cobain’s image? Now get ready to see it come to life.” —

“Since Courtney Love sold the rights to Kurt’s name and likeness, his soul has been bled dry.” —

Talk: What piece of memorabilia will be next to bear Kurt’s image?