Interpol Get Fans to ‘Admire’ Their ‘Love’


“We haven’t been back at the Metro in a long time,” confessed Interpol frontman Paul Banks, peering out from behind his new wave blonde locks into the sold-out Chicago crowd Sunday night (June 3). The NYC band, ushered on stage under chilly blue lighting, resembled an entourage of pallbearers as pink and green lights encircled the quartet.

Quality riffage and designer decadence dominated the near two-hour gig, while visions of polished leather wingtips skanking across the floor conjured as Banks unhinged his jaw, bellowing to ‘come way, come way’ on “Say Hello to the Angels.” A moustached Carlos D followed his lead, dangling his bass and puffing a cig while bringing down its black body into an axe formation. Guitarist Daniel Kessler countered D’s saunter with rushes across stage and instrumental collapses as drummer Sam Fogarino lead into “Take You on a Cruise.” Other fan faves such as “Slow Hands” and “Untitled” came to life with Interpol’s signature pulsating pattern, evoking an animalistic sexuality, but it was the vibrant electrical thunder of “The Heinrich Maneuver,” the band’s first single from their forthcoming Capitol release, Our Love to Admire, that culminated the night’s show with liberated emotion. It’s been five years since Interpol graced the Northside concert hall, but with a new batch of hungry songs, it was an Interpol revival. ANDREA HART / PHOTOS BY DIANA RICHTER

We asked: In honor of Carlos D’s film score aspirations, what film would you re-do the soundtrack/score for?


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