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Great Northern

Who? Since 2004, Great Northern set out for opulent musical journeys. Guitarist/vocalist Solon Bixler, the son of a composer and curator behind the Silverlake quartet, had a vision of expansive indie pop for a headphone-wearing daydream nation. It achieved fruition when Rachel Stolte agreed to incorporate lithe piano and ethereal vocals into Bixler’s four-track outlines. The lineup was completed with drummer Davey Latter and then bassist Ashley Dzerigian, recruited the morning after a random encounter at a house party. Their Eenie Meanie debut album Trading Twilight for Daylight is out now.

What’s the Deal? A theatrical sound of cerebral bedroom-pop for the modern indie generation. The orchestral “Home” glistens under a wistful dual girl/boy harmony, while “Into the Sun” gently raises the alt-rock intensity. Honing a sophisticated, atmospheric pop design adorned in cashmere scarves and Navy pea coats, Great Northern is a wintry soundtrack of bells, piano and violins. L.A. is home, but as the name implies, the musical mindset is of a more tranquil landscape.

Fun Fact: Solon Bixler once played in Jared Leto’s 30 Seconds to Mars. He then did time as second guitarist for L.A. dream-poppers Earlimart, also featuring Davey Latter on drums. MICHAEL MAROTTA

Now Hear This: Great Northern – “Home” DOWNLOAD MP3>