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Great Lakes Myth Society

Who? Like their former project, the Original Brothers and Sisters of Love, most of the singing and songwriting is handled by Michigan-born brothers Timothy and James Monger, who man the guitars and accordion. They’re joined by guitarist Gregory McIntosh, bassist Scott McClintock, and drummer Fido Kennington.

What’s the Deal? Though the band deems it “Northern Rock,” the stuff on their second LP (out July 10 via Quack! Media), Compass Rose Bouquet, is a sight more ornamented — tossing a mess of arching pop melodies into the melting pot of European folk traditions. The rabble-rousing “Queen of the Barley Fool” is stein-swinging love song that could drink the comparably fey Decemberists under the table and “Midwest Main Street” is a deliriously sunny slice of pop nostalgia that references the Velvets and swings like the La’s.

Fun Fact: If you drive across Northern Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge at the speed limit, the song that was written about the structure on their self-titled debut, “Across the Bridge,” will play in exactly the same amount of time it takes to drive the five-mile span. NATE CAVALIERI

Now Hear This: Great Lakes Myth Society – “Debutante” DOWNLOAD MP3>