Give Thanks to Canada for Feist

If perfection is said to be attained in small degrees, the first one was the unseasonably warm evening outside the Fillmore last night (June 26), where scalpers were offering $100 tickets for the first of Feist’s two-nights in San Francisco. After other small perfections — the venue’s complementary supply of particularly crisp apples and warm opening set by Grizzly Bear — the Canadian songwriter appeared under the light of a disco ball and the degrees grew larger; especially with the spotless presentation of her recent LP, The Reminder, which started with the elegant “So Sorry.” After other charmers, such as “My Moon” or “Feel It All,” the crowd’s radiant approval infected the singer herself, whose exuberance was certainly not above a little air drumming. Since things were going so flawlessly, it seemed on par when Feist’s randomly-selected audience member, 18-year-old Melissa Wong, made an unscripted offering of Debussy (note: 30-year old dudes in All-Stars whooping for French piano music — surreal) and the encore brought a cameo from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew. In a word: perfect. NATE CAVALIERI / PHOTOS BY MUHAMMAD ASRANUR

We asked: Since Feist is from Canada, what is your impression of our neighbor to the north?


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