Gerard Way Confirms Engagement

Over the weekend, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, the black-clad emodeity to scores of drainpipe denim and symmetrical hairdo sportingyouths, incited a collective gasp and ensuing depression amongst fansworldwide when he finally confirmed recent speculation and stated thatthe ring worn on his left hand is indeed a engagement band togirlfriend Eliza Cuts.

Speaking to the U.K.’s MTV2 during Germany’s Rock Am Ring festival — also featuring another epic rock outfit— Way said, “The truth of the matter is that I’m engaged and I’mreally excited about it.” With those words, surely uber-dramatic, blacklavished fantasies escaped the craniums of hordes of fans, both maleand female alike. And while many cope with teenage heartbreak, otherslog more valid worries, claiming Way’s marriage could mark the demiseof their favorite band, shifting the focus of MCR’s steadfast vigor,ceaseless tour regiment, and quality of musical output to adomesticated, decidedly non-fan approved lifestyle.

Here’s what bloggers are saying about Gerard Way’s engagement:

“Well he is gonna be 30 anyway…so I guess he probably should get on that.” — Sinkshipsx,

“GerardWay is engaged! Why I am so totally not surprised? Of course, Mikey’sbeen married five minutes, Gerard has to get engaged. I don’t knowanything about Eliza, but she looks like a serious adorableface.” —

“I’ma nice person and not deranged enough to actually track him down at theMuse gig on Sunday, kidnap him, and then elope. I’d never consider theways of getting past security, what natural drug I’d use to sedate himor which chapel to steal him away to. I’m really not that mad. Really.”– insaneinsomniac,

“Iwas so devastated by the news that I was gloomy the whole day. I meanit’s just about time cuz he’s already 30! I admit that I am a bitjealous (ok, I’m really jealous!) and wanted him to wait three moreyears but yeah…three cheers for the newly engaged couple!!!” — beautifulnightmare,

“Thatgirl is so freaking lucky!! Anyway, at least it’s not to that rumored18-year-old that claims they’ve been dating since she was 12 — ew. Idon’t know how people believed that, that’s just not right.” —

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