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Favourite Sons

Who? Being an amalgam of two talented ’90s acts (Rollerskate Skinny, Aspera), Brooklyn-based quintet Favourite Sons features vocalist Ken Griffin, bassist Matthew Werth, guitarists Justin Tripp and Carmine Degennaro, and drummer AJ Edmiston. The instant love for their Vice Recordings debut LP, Down Beside Your Beauty, recently vaulted the Sons onto a national tour with Au Revoir Simone and Voxtrot.

What’s the Deal? The Sons’ sound is largely marked by Griffin’s distinctive baritone and emphatic live performance, which has been known to turn their shows into religious experiences. Beauty‘s frank narrative lyrics hinge on dark times (“Pistols & Girls”), while the band surges with youthful energy and poppy hooks (“Hang On, Girl,” “No One Ever Dies Young”). Their jumpy vitality coupled with sage Americana-thieving vocals makes them a perfect match for the Bonnaroo ideals of earthy living and celebration. Check out the Favourite Sons, live at Bonnaroo’ Troo Music Lounge, Sunday (June 17) at 2:20 P.M.

Fun Fact: Before Favourite Sons, the group almost christened themselves Evil Speedhorse. “We considered for 20 seconds calling the band Evil Speedhorse,” bassist Matthew Werth explains to “We thought we might be volunteering ourselves for a freakish fanbase and decided to use a lyric from one of Ken’s older songs as a civilized medium. We still have the freakish fanbase, just not outwardly so.” LAVINIA WRIGHT

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