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Dungen, ‘Tio Bitar’ (Kemado)

Led by wunderkind multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes, Dungen keep a fierce distance from the fleeting indie-pop trends of their fellow Scandinavians. Here, with Swedish lyrics, lysergic swatches, and breezy flute passages, they display the same studied appreciation for Hendrix jams and Nordic folk that marked their 2004 U.S. breakthrough, Ta Det Lugnt. But on this new batch of mood enhancers, Ejstes orchestrates a more intricate balance — ebullient piano melodies tether spiraling feedback on “G ör Det Nu,” while “En Gång I År Kom Det En Tår” filters triumphant guitar riffs through pastoral dirges. Tio Bitar may start with wailing sirens, but Dungen reject bells and whistles, creating a subtle hallucinatory pastiche.

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