David Gahan Preps ‘Hourglass’

David Gahan, the frontman of revered synth pop outfit Depeche Mode, has announced the release of Hourglass, his second solo record to date, out via Mute at yet-to-be determined date in late October. As the follow up to 2003’s Paper Monsters, Hourglass was constructed with the help of Depeche Mode touring drummer Christian Eigner and axeman Andrew Phillpott in Gahan’s 11th Floor Studios in New York City. Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, Kooks, Fratellis) came aboard to mix the album.

“We were very aware of the importance of keeping urgency in the sound and a feeling of spontaneity,” Gahan said in a statement. “We didn’t want to get bogged down in trying to make everything sound perfect. You want to keep the rough edges… we’re basically cutting all this stuff up and fucking with it by using ProTools, effects, and all kinds of stuff. Accidents do happen, and they’re good.”

Although a complete song-by-song tracklisting as well as the album’s first single have yet-to-be announced, tunes such as “Saw Something,” “Use You,” “Endless,” “21 Days,” “A Little Lie,” “Deeper and Deeper,” “Love Will Leave,” “Down,” “Miracles,” “Tomorrow,” and “Kingdom” will arrive via Hourglass.

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