Who? Although Paul and Ryan Cobb — the two main songwriters and vocalists of Philly rock group The Cobbs — aren’t actually brothers, they have known each other (and played music together) since high school. After cycling through a few different band names and members, they formed the Cobbs with Ryan Smith (guitar, keyboards), Maxwell Lee (bass), and Chris Coello (drums). The group supported Black Rebel Motorcycle Club during a recent U.S. tour and won over audiences with their spirited live performances; now they’re back with the self-produced Sing the Deathcapades.

What’s the Deal? Themes of late night debauchery and morning after reflection run throughout Sing the Deathcapades, an album that blends lively ’60s guitar pop with thundering psych rock. The Led Zeppelin-inspired “Say You Never Knew Me” tells the story of a pill-popping female and opens with a bluesy guitar riff reminiscent of the Stone Roses’ “Love Spreads.” “I’m gonna hold your hand, never let go,” Cobb sings on the peppy “When the Morning Comes,” a hopeful song about new love framed by martial drums and jangly guitars.

Fun Fact: Paul and Ryan played under the moniker Ty Cobb for a while — until the baseball great’s estate threatened legal action. CHRISTINE RICHMOND

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