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Who: Post rock instrumentalists Caspian features Philip Jamieson (guitar), Erin Burke-Moran (guitar), Chris Freidrich (bass), Joe Vickers (drums) and Calvin Joss (guitar). After gaining a wide fan base in and around the Beantown ‘burbs thanks to the buzz around their You are the Conductor EP, Caspian readied 2007 for their debut studio full-length, The Four Trees, which is out now via the Boston indie imprint, Dopamine.

What’s the Deal? The Four Trees is loaded with crushingly pretty melodies, Thor-approved feedback, loops, and guitar hooks, and fans of Explosions in the Sky, This is Your Captain Speaking (and a bit of Godspeed You! Black Emperor) will be sucked into Caspian’s sprawling soundscapes. Finding inspiration in wild charging horses (“Brombie”), Sanskrit terms (“Moksha”), weather devices (“Dropsonde”), and, most obviously, bodies of water, The Four Trees transcends post rock clichés with meticulously crafted songcraft.

Fun Fact: Since their first round of touring, Caspian has learned a few things when it comes to booking venues. When asked to play a house party in Georgia, whose crowd numbers peaked at five, the band was confronted not only by the police, but by the “hard livin’ tabacco spitting car mechanic locals, who at the time were throwing trash and pieces of old food at the only two girls present at the party,” Philip Jamieson tells “We didn’t get paid anything, and nearly got raped by backwoods hicks, but got a great story out of the experience.” KRISTINA GRINOVICH

Now Hear This: Caspian – “Moksha” DOWNLOAD MP3