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Brakesbrakesbrakes, ‘The Beatific Visions’ (Rough Trade/ World’s Fair)

Having tripled their name to avoid confusion with the Philadelphia-based Brakes, this English band open their second album with a baptism-as-fight scene (“Hold Me in the River”). The pub stompers are as rowdy as ever, but they’re balanced here by laid-back ruminations on romance. Who knew Eamon Hamilton could calm his wildly cracking voice long enough to walk hand in hand through the park? Still, for party starters and danger seekers, the dancey “Spring Chicken” and 60-second freak-out “Porcupine or Pineapple” display the band’s mad shriek at its most unhinged.

Now Hear This: Brakesbrakesbrakes – “Hold Me in the River” DOWNLOAD MP3

Now Watch This: Brakesbrakesbrakes – “Hold Me in the River”