Bonnaroo, Grist Test Eco-Knowledge

In Bonnaroo’s endless efforts to reduce waste and promote renewable, sustainable energy, the landmark southern festival, slated to kick off in just six days, 17 hours, and 20 some minutes, has teamed with, an environmental news and commentary website, and handed the torch to fans. Head over to and test your knowledge of music consumption’s impact on the environment and drop by the Grist booth in Planet Roo and enter to win a solar backpack that can charge your iPod, cell phone, and more. And remember with an earth-friendly mindset and a little work ethic you could be headed back to Bonnaroo again next year free of charge!

Beginning Wednesday June 13, be sure to check in with Spin throughout the festival for complete Bonnaroo 2007 coverage including live reviews, video interviews, and much, much more.

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Talk: How did you score on the eco-quiz?


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