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Army of Me

Who? Call them the little indie band that could. After self-releasing several EPs, garnering numerous “best unsigned band” accolades and seeing their hometown anthem “Come on Down to DC” added into rotation on radio station DC 101, Army of Me was still without a label. Eventually the group — vocalist/guitarist Vince Scheuerman, drummer Dennis Manuel, guitarist Brad Tursi and bassist Conrado Bokoles — inked a deal with Doghouse in early 2006. The band’s first full-length, Citizen, is out now.

What’s the Deal? Although frequently compared to Brit rock bands, instead of capturing the sounds of Richard Ashcroft or Noel Gallagher, Army of Me more closely resemble their indie rock and emo contemporaries who also look to the Union Jack for inspiration. Scheuerman’s vocals tackle the oft-ignored land between teen angst and the realities of adulthood — “It’s time that I got myself a nice suit so that I could look respectable for you,” is how Scheuerman begins the album — while the band’s polished sound lends itself to a bevy of inescapable hooks. Ballads such as “Better Run” and “Rise” add enough tenderness to balance out the broken hearted bitterness of lead single “Going Through Changes,” which could easily become the misunderstood puberty song of 2007.

Fun Fact: Vince Scheuerman studied atoms in college, earning a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland. Who says rockers aren’t educated? NATALIE B. DAVID

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