Akon Throws Fan Off Stage

Last Sunday (June 3), during a performance in Fishkill, N.Y., 34-year-old R&B artist Akon invited a yet-to-be identified 15-year-old boy from the audience onstage, then proceeded to hoist the young concertgoer above his head and toss him from the elevated stage into the crowd. The boy, who reportedly lobbed an object at the rapper previously in his performance, surfaced unscathed but Abby Rosa, the woman he landed upon, certainly did not. Rosa, who has reportedly hired a lawyer but is only seeking an apology from Akon, suffered a headache and blurry vision later diagnosed as a concussion. Local police are currently investigating the incident and lawsuits are seemingly imminent.

In the aftermath, a video of the incident surfaced on YouTube.com and bloggers are flocking. In response to the blatant, evident documentation of Akon’s hurling of the youngster, most viewers can’t believe their eyes and question legality of such a move. But Akon feels differently. The rapper’s lawyers released a statement claiming Akon’s innocence: “it does not appear to us that Akon was involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever,” MTV.com reports the statement read. But in light of another previous onstage debacle that cost Akon his Verizon sponsorship for lewdly dancing with a 14-year-old girl, most bloggers are sounding off, often with fiery, animated words while others laugh and offer accounts of much worse concert experiences.

Now Watch This: https://www.youtube.com/embed/G0bi3bM_7jo

Here’s what YouTubers have to say about Akon’s high-flying concert victim:

“I wish he did that to me… I would be rich.” — Scott1153

“That’s what Michael Richards should have done to his heckler!” — Oddjobtk

“He’s a total psychopath!!! Jerk!!! What did the boy throw?? A teddy bear? Take it easy you freakasoid!!” — Jeanutti

“You’re my hero.” — Patto2k

“If he retires from singing he can always join the WWE.” — ChillyWillieBoBo2nd

“I love Akon’s music… but I don’t think any fame status gave him the right to do what he did.” — Casseepoopookachoo

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Talk: So, by throwing the boy off-stage, was Akon involved in any criminal conduct?


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