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You Say Party! We Say Die!, ‘Lose All the Time’ (Paper Bag)

Don’t be confused by this British Columbian band’s strange name and the liberal use of punctuation: They are neither abstruse art rockers nor death-obsessed metalloids. The third choice? Chipper, effusive dance punkers who refuse to be limited by any genre. Singer Becky Ninkovic channels Karen O one minute and chimes sweet melodies the next, and the band (led by keyboardist Krista Loewen and bassist Stephen O’Shea) knows precisely when to charge and when to retreat. The mood is mostly eager and bracing, but the unexpectedly quiet moments — particularly the piano ballad “You’re Almost There” — work wonders, hanging like lace curtains above a neon sofa.

Now Hear This: You Say Party! We Say Die! – “Monster” DOWNLOAD MP3