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Wolfgang Doesn’t Run out of Power

Wolfgang, the man-loving robot, is bringing the best of the ’80s back — that chintzy Casio keyboard sound with every tick, werp, bloop, and beep perfectly crafted for the dancefloor. Developed in the early ’80s by video game genius William Jennings Wellworth by using video game chips, Wolfgang was supposed to be able to write pop music with an extensive knowledge of music programming — so the story says. Failing miserably, Wellworth dumped the robot, only for it to be found almost 25 years later in an abandoned factory dumpster and brought back to life — to find himself a man to love.

“Battery,” one of the many standouts found on Wolfgang’s kitschy, IDM-inspired collection The Wicked Truth About Loving a Man (out now via the Hypnote imprint), is loaded with syncopated synthesizer, pinch-hitting drum beats, and sexy vocoder vocals. This ain’t no party, but it’s definitely a disco, and those pulsating to the likes of MSTRKRFT, Daft Punk, and Hot Chip should get hip to Wolfgang’s indie electronic kind of lurrrrve.

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Talk: Do Wolfgang’s ticks and bleeps make you want to take the batteries out?