Who? This Missouri-bred/ Brooklyn-based sextet includes former record store clerks Greg Roberts (guitar) and Steve Patterson (piano), plus guitarist Alex Even, bassist Adam Russell, drummer Matt “The Duck” Clark, and percussionist Jamie Levison.

What’s the Deal? A quick glance through White Rabbits’ looking glass reveals sunny-three part harmonies, up-tempo beats, and a danceable, ska-like swing: See the tropical flavor of “I Used to Complain Now I Don’t,” the reggae-like beat of “The Plot,” and the group’s self-described flair for honky-tonk calypso. More careful investigation uncovers the band’s secret weapon: smart, campy lyrics.

Fun Fact: The band’s homepage features a press section filled with song reviews by Mrs. Doyle’s 8th grade class. The scoop: Patterson’s aunt teaches eighth grade outside Chicago and had her class review the tracks as an English assignment. Depending on the student’s particular taste, Fort Nightly is either a “great track to drum to,” has “good rhythm,” or “sounds like something my Mom would listen to.” MIKE GREENHAUS

Now Hear This: The White Rabbits – “The Plot” DOWNLOAD MP3>


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