Voxtrot Bring the ‘Real Live Version’ to the West Coast

Even with his newly-dyed shock of blonde hair and the exuberance of a popsicle-addled teenager, it took loads of effort for Voxtrot singer Ramesh Srivastava to elicit more than raised eyebrows from the sold-out crowd at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall Wednesday night (May 30). But as the Austin band tromped through an hour of bouncy guitar pop, the singer’s endearing charisma and enduring moxie — punctuated by flailing arm gestures that evoked electroshock therapy — eventually won the crowd.

After a set of daffy synth pop from the Au Revoir Simone and the impressive pummel of Austin’s Sound Team, Voxtrot took the stage late, beginning with the first pair from of tunes from their newly released self-titled full-length. But it wasn’t until the band dug into their older catalogue, starting with “Biggest Fan,” that a gleeful squeal came from the mass in front of the stage. From that point, it was Srivastava’s show, and by the time the band closed with a “Blood Red Blood” encore, the cross-armed kids were putty in his (wildly gesticulating) hands. NATE CAVALIERI / PHOTOS BY MUHAMMAD ASRANUR

We asked: Voxtrot kind of sounds like foxtrot, our favorite dance. Do you have any signature dance moves?


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