VHS or Beta ‘Bring on the Comets’

VHS or Beta: that is the question. But while you ponder your preferred method of out-dated technology, the Louisville-based dance rock act that shares the obsolete machineries’ namesake have announced the release of Bring on the Comets, their third studio effort, out Aug. 28 via Astralwerks.

The new album was recorded in Asheville, NC and Nashville, TN by the band — now pared down to a trio featuring vocalist/guitarist Craig Pfunder, bassist Mark Palgy, and drummer Mark Guidry — alongside producer Brandon Mason (Secret Machines, David Bowie), and is the follow up to 2004’s Night On Fire. A 12″ of “Burn It All Down,” arriving with numerous mixes, and proper single “Can’t Believe a Single Word,” will both arrive at a yet-to-be determined date prior to the album’s release. Bring on the Comets tracklisting:

1. “Euglama”
2. “Love in My Pocket”
3. “She Says”
4. “Can’t Believe a Single Word”
5. “Burn It All Down”
6. “Take It or Leave It”
7. “Alpha Theta”
8. “Bring on the Comets”
9. “Fall Down Lightly”
10. “We Could Be One”
11. “Time Stands Still”
12. “The Stars Where We Came From”

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