Velvet Revolver Courts Grunge Alumni

As a leather-clad Slash doled out dozens of string-ripping solos, a shirtless Scott Weiland wriggled on stage at the Showbox Monday night (May 7), belting out familiar Velvet Revolver favorites and new songs from the band’s forthcoming effort, Libertad.

Much like the biographies behind the band, Velvet Revolver delivered a solid mix of pop-metal with a healthy dose of rock star showmanship. “Do It for the Kids,” from their debut album, Contraband, opened the evening as Weiland’s shaky howl and Slash’s statuesque guitar riffs stole the show — over and over again — winning over aged metal heads and veterans of Seattle’s flannel days who were the obvious target at the sold-out show. “The Last Fight,” one of Libertad‘s many maverick standouts, resonated with concertgoers in the same sort of way Stone Temple Pilots incorporated American folk into “Interstate Love Song” just over a decade ago. PHOTOS BY KELLEY BINGHAM

We asked: Velvet Revolver has its big names. Who would you recruit to be in your dream band?


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