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The Phoenix Foundation Go ‘Fishing’

It’s a New Zealand invasion! Fellow indie rock kiwis, the Phoenix Foundation, are setting sail to the great United States of America in support of their score work for Eagle Vs. Shark, a romantic comedy directed by New Zealand native Taika Waititi. The neo-psychedelic collective contributed six new tunes and three score arrangements to the quirky flick, but it’s the release of the band’s debut long-player, Horsepower that has the Phoenix Foundation’s sights really set on America. Out June 5th via Young American, Horsepower will include two U.S.-only bonus tracks, “Blue Summer” from Eagle vs. Shark, as well as an accompanying music video.

The golden acoustic guitar tones of “Going Fishing,” also featured on Horsepower, is a bittersweet melodic pop song about two lovers drifting away with charming metaphors of fishing, floating and dreadfully sinking. With gossamer harmonies, lite percussion, soft organ arrangements and frontman Samuel Flynn Scott’s heartfelt vocals, “Going Fishing” hits you right there. Just as you realize that things won’t work and that the world has “gone to dogs,” Scott’s cries out, “But I’m done with all this thinking!” Aren’t we all?

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