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Pete Doherty Completes Solo Record

As previously reported, Pete Doherty, the debauchery-laden mouthpiece of Babyshambles as well as the former co-frontman of the Libertines, appears to be cleaning up his act and returning to what he does best: making music. “I’ve finished my acoustic album,” Doherty told “It’s just now trying to convince the record company that everything doesn’t need to be highly polished.”

And although the remainder of the voyeuristic world has reveled in Doherty’s lack of polish, Parlophone, Babyshambles’ “long-term” label, is hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. “We’re really keen to release Pete’s acoustic record at some point in the future,” an unidentified Parlophone source told, “but not until after the next Babyshambles album, that will come out first.”

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