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Pete Doherty Arrested, Again

Just as Pete Doherty was showing progress towards a tamer and more productive lifestyle — a completed solo album, a recent Libertines reunion gig, and praise for his efforts in battling drug addiction — the tabloid martyr and disheveled rocker has reverted to his old habits and has been arrested again for, you guessed it, possession of Class A drugs, the U.K.’s Mirror reports.

The arrest came Saturday night (May 5) as Doherty, notorious for his automobile mishaps, was stopped by police while driving through West London’s High Street Kensington area. Law enforcement officials reportedly discovered crack cocaine and cannabis in Doherty’s possession. Next, the debauchery-ridden bandit was transported to the local jail, where he was soon released on bail until June. Currently, Doherty is under probation and treatment surveillance due to a string of previous drugs charges, and although recently again praised by a judge for his cooperation, the latest arrest could place Doherty in jail.

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