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The Moonbabies, ‘Moonbabies at the Ballroom’ (Hidden Agenda/ Parasol)

On their fourth album, this indie-pop duo — multi-instrumentalists/ songwriters Carina Johansson and Ola Frick — create what finally could be their Stateside breakthrough. Whether it’s the gauzy, Fleetwood Mac-tinged harmonies of the hangover plaint “War on Sound” (heard last year on Grey’s Anatomy) or “Shout It Out,” which reconfigures a familiar guitar hook via Phil Spector, the Moonbabies deftly mix the accessible and the bizarre (two short, burbling synth instrumentals), assembling marvelously eclectic but still coherent pop.

Now Hear This: The Moonbabies – “Take Me to the Ballroom” DOWNLOAD MP3