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Knob Creek and Moccasin Concoct a Dreamy Cocktail

Preceded by an informative lesson and tasting on Knob Creek bourbon, Denver rockers Moccasin took the stage last night (May 10) for a crowd that could only be described as eclectic. From college kids to hipsters to parents, fans turned out en masse at the Walnut Room proving yet again that Moccasin, Denver or perhaps a combination of both draws out all types of people when it come to live music. Playing favorites from their 2006 self-titled EP, including “The Rule of Queen Tsago” and “Ezra’s Ghost,” the guitar-driven quartet also mixed in a handful of tunes so new, they didn’t even have names yet.

With their Verve-like appeal, Moccasin’s stage presence was relatively calm, holding the attention of the crowd with their instrumental psychedelic elegance. The result was a fuzzy, shoegaze fusion that left no one doubting which was smoother — the bourbon or the band. TIFFANY CHILDS / PHOTOS BY SOREN MCCARTY

We asked: One definition of the word “moccasin” is “a poisonous snake.” What band or show would you face a moccasin to see?