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Kelis and the Brazilian Girls Drink Up with Hennessy

On Friday (May 11), some A-list (Jessica Alba, Adam Brody) and not so A-list (Dash Mihok) tried to party like rap stars at the Hennessy Artistry Tour at the Lot in West Hollywood. While tumblers of cognac were strewn about on the white tables and white couches set up for the event, the atmosphere was more E! than BET. Quirky misnomer of a band, Brazilian Girls opened the show (there’s only one girl in the band and none of the members are actually from Brazil), singing their trademark mix of delightfully Eurotrashy dance numbers and sexed-up ballads. Clad in a nude-colored mini dress adorned with a large gold disc, Brazilian Girls frontwoman Sabina Scuibba delivered tracks such as “Die Gedken Sind Frei (Thoughts Are Free)” and “Sexy Asshole, ” though at times it was dubious whether she was also trying out for a role in a ’70s sci-fi flick.

Similarly, it was unclear whether or not headliner Kelis was also trying out for a film. Sporting a slick, short do’ and a sequined cocktail dress, the singer looked like she vying for a role as a Dreamgirl. After opening with the promiscuous number “Blindfold Me” (with lyrics like “then I get sexy on him, sexy on him” we’re not sure why this wasn’t as a big hit as “Sexy Back”), Kelis unleashed her inner diva, following with the Aretha-worthy “Till the Wheels Fall Off,” “Rolling Through the Hood” (which suggests Kelis might be destined to be the next Lauryn Hill) and the tearful ballad “Get Along With You.” With her classy togs and soulful set, it seemed like Kelis was eschewing her notorious booty shakin’ hit in favor of some weightier fare. But soon enough, that oh-so familiar, catchy beat filled the air, and “Milkshake” was bringing all the boys and the girls to the dance floor. Sometimes, you just have to give the people what they want. ELISA JACOBS / PHOTOS BY JACKIE BUTLER/RETNA