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The Hedrons

Who? Reminiscent of the British invasions of yesteryear, the aggressive onslaught of Glaswegian rock bands continues with a fiery foursome dubbed the Hedrons. Armed with outrageous stage names — Tippi (lead vocals), Gill (bass), Rosie (lead guitar), and Soup (drums) — the edgy Nuevo-punk upstarts achieved modest local success with a trio of singles (“Be My Friend,” “I Need You,” and “Heatseeker”) all placing in the Top 20 of the U.K. indie singles chart. Their debut LP, One More Won’t Kill Us, is out now on the Scottish-based label, Measured.

What’s the Deal? Clocking in at a mere thirty-eight minutes, One More Won’t Kill Us simultaneously channels the rebellious rage of the Runaways and the charming edge of Veruca Salt. Lyrically blunt, the album typically speaks of relationships, drugs, and sexual experimentation weaved among a noise of ear-splitting guitar attacks and scratchy vocal outbursts. Indeed, Tippi screams in dualities; either about her straight up toughness on “Sympathy” or confessing her vulnerabilities on “I Need You” and “Be My Friend.”

Fun Fact: The Hedrons’ bassist, Gill, is a junior Scottish tennis champion. She has also trained with famed Scottish tennis superstar, Andrew Murray. ELIE Z. PERLER

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