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Who? Former bandmates Keeley Davis (guitar/vocals) and Cornbread Compton (drums) joined forces in 2005 — while touring with the now defunct Engine Down — to collaborate on each other’s songs via email. After a handful of tracks had been completed through coast-to-coast correspondence, the duo invited Davis’ sister Maura (Denali, Ambulette) to lend her vocal talents, and the Glös lineup was born.

What’s the Deal? Rhythmic and often hypnotic, tracks like “Unharmed,” “Employee” and “Telepathy” are shining examples of the repetitious instrumentals and fuzzy, haunting vocals that Engine Down and Denali mastered long ago. However, Glös finds its own identity with more pop friendly songs such as “Public Speaker” and album standout “Counting Sheep.” From start to finish, Harmonium delivers driving beats, melodic vocals and a cohesive collection of songs sure to please fans of any of the band’s sister projects and then some.

Fun Fact: During the two years leading to the release of Harmonium, all three members were playing full-time with other projects — Maura Davis fronts Ambulette, while Keeley Davis is currently the guitar player for Sparta and Compton is the resident drummer for the Matt Skiba-led Heavens. DANE SMITH

Now Hear This: Glös -“Public Speaker” DOWNLOAD MP3

On the Web: Glös at MySpace

Talk: Glös in an incestuous project, drawing from several band’s as well as the Davis family itself. What band/musical family would you like to see develop into a side project?