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!!! Get Hot and Bothered

“New York City is where the freaks come to be free,” !!! (Chk Chk Chk) singer Nic Offer wailed last night (May 15), but judging by the way his dancing cohorts made the crowd move, it seemed the freaks relocated to the District — Washington, D.C.’s legendary 9:30 Club, that is. The Sacramento-based dance revivalists, with a host of guest singers and raucous dancers, created an atmosphere that was, well, pure sex. The flamboyant Offer preened and pranced like a rave-kid Dionysus, while the band built towers of sound with vibrant polyrhythms and string spazzouts.

On the flip side, Offer made like Prince all night, too, thanks to his magnetic raunch, but it was during “Dear Can” that the set peaked; Offer climbed the speakers to shake it like a cage dancer, leaving percussionist John Pugh to moan “I know you want more.” !!! provided it with “Heart of Hearts” and an orgasmic encore during which Offer incanted, “Can you rock it / Can you feel it,” leaving fans to rush the stage, supremely satisfied with the more, more, more. JEFFREY PARKER / PHOTOS BY ERIN YAEGER

We asked: !!!’s newest album is titled Myth Takes. What’s your favorite myth, and why?