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Evolution of Dance

With Evolution of Dance, Judson Laipply, a pop culture-adoring comedian, performs a hilarious dance routine illustrating the 20th century’s most renowned moves, all backdropped by the songs that accompanied them. With the video, Laipply depicts the Twist to the Robot, while also busting through physical jangles lionized by songs like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” and, of course, “The Macarena.” But Evolution of Dance delivers more than just a silly dude boogying down to memorable tunes for a wildly entertained crowd: the video breaks an Internet benchmark with over 47 million views, all accumulated solely via So, as the unidentified dancer taps the web’s nostalgia for old tunes and their trademark bops, bloggers vent, offering both adoring and critical remarks whilst some attempt to deduce why such a video has appealed to masses across the web.

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Here’s what YouTubers are saying about the Evolution of Dance video:

“At 1:05, that’s “Keep On” by the Brady Bunch, I believe.” — Shoean

“What the hell? That videos ok, but number one, what the?” — aceguitarR7

“Well, that sucked.” — fumbles8

“Freakin’ awesome.” — LarserikLarson

“47 Millionth view!” — mubd

“That was AWESOME!!!! lol — funny my generation starts from NSYNC, lol.” — velocity246

Talk: Does the Evolution of Dance video miss any important songs and moves?