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Electrelane Shout and Call

Last night (May 16), Brighton, England’s Electrelane gloriously slid onstage under sensuous red lights, delivering a sugary pop mix for a packed house at Beantown’s Paradise Rock Club. With the audience’s rapt yet quiet attention, the Brit indie pop lasses played a range of old and new material, including the melancholy “The Greater Times” from their latest effort, the sonically gorgeous No Shouts No Calls.

Singer Verity Susman permitted her British accent to shine though, further enhancing vocals on “To the East” and the more ambient “In Berlin” — both tracks similarly showcased tight, aching guitar riffs, throbbing bass lines, and rich synth beats.

But it was the ladies’ earnest playing during the dark, heavy instrumental “Between the Wolf and the Dog” that finally got the crowd leaping, whooping and fully appreciating Electrelane’s impressive energy; so much shouting and calling, it would make your ears bleed. MIRIAM LAMEY / PHOTOS BY KERI BECKWITH

We asked: Electrelane recently issued their third studio long-player, No Shouts No Calls. If you could not speak or use your cell phone for a day, how would you communicate?