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Cornelius, ‘Sensuous’ (Everloving)

The fifth full-length from Cornelius — a.k.a. Japanese studiowhiz Keigo Oyamada — further refines the slice-and-dice approach thatprompted comparisons to Beck on 2001’s Point and the 1997 breakthrough, Fantasma.With a calm kraut-rock singularity of purpose, Oyamada fuses abristling spectrum of textures and rhythms — from the title track’sconstellations of acoustic guitar to the Stereolab-on-steroids of”Gum.” Sensuous it is: an apt soundtrack for sex, staring out train windows, or traversing the Technicolor mayhem of the Shibuya district.

Now Watch This:Cornelius – “Gum (Live at the El Rey Theater: April 30, 2007)” VIEW