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Cee-Lo to Launch Record Label

Cee-Lo, best known as the stocky mouth piece for Grammy Award-winning funk, soul, and hip-hop duo Gnarls Barkley, is preparing to launch Radiculture, a new label spearheaded by Cee-Lo and Atlantic Records, which aims to seek out, cultivate, and mentor new artists, reports. “I’ve been in the music business for quite some time now. I’ve had some unforgettable high points and some disappointing low points,” reports Cee-Lo said in a statement. “I’m eager to pass on the lessons I learned along the way…Maybe up and coming artists can avoid some of the pitfalls and focus on making great music.”

In preparation for the label launch, Cee-Lo constructed a modern recording studio and office building to house the newfound Radiculture imprint, as well as provide facilities for label artists. Cee-Lo and crew will celebrate the label’s launch in Atlanta this Thursday (May 10) with two different parties. “You can expect plenty of great music from Radiculture!” Cee-Lo said.

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