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Bowie, Sting to Open Burlesque Club

Combine David Bowie’s glitzy dance tracks with Sting’s promiscuous narrative and what do you get? Well, a burlesque club. According to via The New York Observer, Bowie and Sting are the proud new owners of an NYC restaurant space that they’ll convert into a nightclub with club owner Ivan Kane.

The new nightclub, obtained via broker James Famularo, will reportedly replica Kane’s swanky Los Angeles and Las Vegas burlesque haunts, Forty Deuce. And the two have forked over the cash to make sure the high rollers come flocking. The trio has reportedly culled roughly $4 million to renovate the location, which includes the installation of a stage — something that according to Famularo, will not go to waste. “He wants 100 percent of the focus to be on the girls and the dancing,” the broker told That shouldn’t be a problem. Famularo was unavailable for further comment at press time.

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