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Xiu Xiu Get Mixed Up

Xiu Xiu’s latest effort Remixed and Covered, out today on5RC, is just what its title implies. The remix disc has contributionsfrom Gold Chains, Kid 606 and even Xiu Xiu themselves, while the coversdisc is filled with artists such as Devendra Banhart, Marisa Nadler,Her Space Holiday and former Xiu Xiu collaborators Larsen and Oxbow. On”Hello From Eau Claire,” Gold Chains discards the ethereal music boxbells from the original and turns the remix into a hit meant for thedisco. A much darker electro-driven sound balances the delicate murmursfrom Caralee McElroy and the off-beat hiccups and scratches add anotherlayer to this pounding wall of synth. KRISTINA ENSMINGER

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Xiu Xiu – “Hello From Eau Claire” (Remixed by Gold Chains) DOWNLOAD MP3

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