Wooden Wand Preps ‘James & the Quiet’ for June

Psych-folkster Wooden Wand, a.k.a. James Jackson Toth, has announced the release of James & the Quiet, arriving June 12 via Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label. The new album, produced by Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo, who contributes stringed instrumentation, will feature drum work from Steve Shelley and vocals and co-arrangement from oft-collaborator Jessica Toth. James & the Quiet, also employs previous collaborators like Jarvis Taveniere (Vanishing Voice, Meneguar), DM Seidel (Vanishing Voice), and Jeremy Earl (Woods, Meneguar), and may mark the final material for Toth under the Wooden Wand moniker.

James & the Quiet tracklisting:

1. “The Pushers”
2. “In A Bucket”
3. “Spitting at the Cameras”
4. “Delia”
5. “We Must Also Love the Thieves”
6. “The Invisible Children”
7. “Blood”
8. “Blessed Damnation”
9. “Future Dream”
10. “James & the Quiet”
11. “Wired to the Sky”

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