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Too Much Beyonce

Singing and dancing youngsters have launched a full-on assault of the Internet, popping up seemingly everywhere and urgently demanding the attention of thousand with their adorable talents. With the latest case, an unidentified young boy approximately six-years-old copies the dance routine from Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” music video step-by-step, while lip-synching, and at times, singing along with the tune.

Turned into a wild Internet phenomenon thanks to hipster gossip blog, “Too Much Beyonce” has now accumulated over 300,000 views on YouTube and countless others elsewhere. But debate has ignited in web comment spaces due to criticisms of the young boy’s sexuality, morphing the dance bit into a scapegoat for debate concerning sexual diversity tolerance, bringing bloggers’ heated rebuttals, critical proclamations, and praising remarks head-to-head.

Now Watch This:

Here’s what YouTubers are saying about the youngster’s dance moves:

“Where is this kids parents?” — Boi1da

“Hahaha, lol, that’s hilarious. :]” — avrilfan023

“This is wrong…so, so, so wrong.” — Tray2100

“He is really sweet and cute, hehe, good dancer.” — Sammerin

“OMG just let the boy dance…he’s not even old enough to know that what he’s doing looks gay or whatever!” — Riet89

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