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They Might Be Giants Teach ‘the 123s’

John Linnell and John Flansburgh may subscribe to the moniker They Might Be Giants, but they’re definitely not above a stringent work regiment. In addition to wrapping up recording for The Else, the band’s latest rock effort slated for release this summer, and mapping a preceding tour, the duo have now revealed their return to the realm of youngster rock with Here Come the 123s, a DVD sequel to Disney’s 2005 release Here Come the ABCs, out this August, reports. With over an hour of original music and videos dictating, you guessed it, numeric fundamentals, Here Come the 123s will have aging rockers brushing up on their numerals alongside youngsters.

“It is inspired by Sesame Street,” John Flansburgh told “The attitude we took to the ‘ABCs’ project is the same we took with this one, which is about numbers — kids are going to learn this stuff anyway.”

In what little additional spare time afforded, TMBG have been penning material for Coraline, an animated film based on an eerie science fiction novel by Neil Gaiman. “We’re having trouble being as creepy as we need to be,” Flansburgh told Information regarding the release of the film or soundtrack has yet to be announced.

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