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Spin Editor Doug Brod Talks U.S. Festivals

If you had only one choice, which American summer festival would you attend? This query, a monumentally binding issue considering the plethora of choices, was put to Spin editor Doug Brod by Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot and Chicago Sun-Times pop music critic Jim DeRogatis, while chatting with the duo on their Chicago Public Radio program Sound Opinions. Brod, invited to speak on the show in light of Spin‘s May festival issue (out next week), discussed the evolving structure and differentiation of numerous American festivals while reflecting on promoters’ exasperating labors to bill crowd-drawing headlining acts.

But when all was said and done, Brod’s sights were set on one festival that “stands slightly above the others”: Coachella. “It’s justified by virtue of three days of extraordinary acts,” Brod said. Stock up on sun tan lotion, we hope to see you in the California desert next weekend. Start your reading in our Coachella ’07 section.

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Talk: Which American festival would you most like to attend this summer?