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Shout Out Louds Prep ‘Ill Wills’

Ratatat-remixed and Artist of the Day-showcased Swedes the Shout Out Louds will release Our Ill Wills, the band’s sophomore effort, Sept. 11 on Merge. As the follow up to the Shout Out Louds’ debut full-length, Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, the new release will be the band’s first for Merge, the blossoming indie-home of bands such as the Arcade Fire, Rosebuds, and Spoon; the band parted ways with Capitol earlier this year. Fellow countryman/Peter Björn & John bass plucker Björn Yttling lent his knob-twisting skills to Our Ill Wills, whose first single, “Tonight I Have to Leave It” is currently out in Sweden. The single’s U.S. release date has yet-to-be announced.

Fans can catch the band on a complete tour of the U.S. following the album’s release, and although no details have yet-to-be confirmed, a string of stateside performances are expected to be scheduled for July.

Our Ill Wills tracklisting:

1. “Tonight I Have to Leave It”
2. “Your Parent’s Livingroom”
3. “You Are Dreaming”
4. “Suit Yourself”
5. “Blue Headlights”
6. “Impossible”
7. “Normandie”
8. “South America”
9. “Ill Wills”
10. “Time Left for Love”
11. “Meat Is Murder” (not a cover, says Merge)
12. “Hard Rain”

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