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Who? Avoiding a band called Shitdisco is nearly impossible, so dust off those old dance shoes because the boldly named group is bringing the party. Hailing from Glasgow, this new rave quartet — comprised of Joel Stone (bass/guitar/vocals), Joe Reeves (bass/guitar/vocals), Jan Lee (keyboard), and Darren Cullen (drums) — gained significant local notoriety and a cult following by hosting an infamously raucous rave, nicknamed “61,” at Cullen’s dilapidated flat. The band is currently touring in support of their debut LP, Kingdom of Fear, which will be released stateside April 17 via Fierce Panda.

What’s the Deal? Meddling between post-punk nihilism and the robotic nature of electronica, Kingdom of Fear is a club record, sporting a bevy of songs bolstered by pitch-shifting synthesizers and body-moving drumbeats. Leadoff track “I Like Kung Fu” successfully introduces the band’s witty hilarity, while “Disco Blood” showcases an elaborate and meandering sonic collage. However, it is the rather simplistic melodic sensibility of “Reactor Party” and “OK” that are the true album highlights.

Fun Fact: In an effort to pay homage to the late Hunter S. Thompson, Shitdisco chose the album title Kingdom of Fear after the author’s final book. ELIE Z. PERLER

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Now Watch This: Shitdisco – “OK”

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