Scotland Rocks New York

“I see we’ve brought the Glasgow weather with us. Sorry ’boutthat,” 1990s frontman Jackie McKeown said to the sold out crowdgathered at New York’s Bowery Ballroom Wednesday night (April 4). Fansbraved wind and freezing rain for Scotland Rocks New York, the onedecidedly rocking element of the city’s annual Tartan Week.

Folk-rock chanteuse (and New Jersey native) Nicole Atkins and the Sea opened the show, playing songs from her upcoming Neptune Cityalbum, before Scotland’s finest expats got restless. Once 1990s tookthe stage with the rousing, foot tapping, “You Made Me Like It,” leadsinger Jackie McKeown was in full command of the giddy females up front– one girl near the front shouted, “Show us your tits!” beforegenerously showing him hers.

Next, the wails and screams ofSons and Daughters’ Adele Bethel shook the room into a frenzy. Writhingaround the stage, hair flying, Bethel belted out riotous tunes such as”Dance Me In,” “Red Receiver” and “Hunt,” but it was “Johnny Cash” and”Rama Lama” that drove anxious indie hipsters to truly let loose.Still, at the end of the evening, Scotland still seemed a good 3,000miles away. When the ballroom finally cleared out into the NYC night –the sky was clear. ROBIN MONHEIT / PHOTOS BY ADAM HARVEY

>> Listen to 1990s on Napster
>> Listen to Sons and Daughters on Napster

We asked: Tonight, the 1990s entertained us. What was entertaining you in 1990?


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