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On the Road with the Format: Eco-Friendliness, Part Deux

Sweet, you made it just in time for this week’s “green blog.”

Two and a half weeks into the tour and everything is running as smooth as vegetable oil. Part of the tour includes an “eco-village” titled the Shift Consciousness Pavilion. There, you can go and talk to friendly people, grab a Shift energy drink (courtesy of Stonyfield Farm) and pick up some literature to broaden your green mind. It was here that I first saw this sticker with a bear-like monster which read:


Me: [Scratches head] “You want me to kiss you? Carbon neutral? Oh, my head is spinning! Tell me more little green monster…”

Monster: “Sure thing Marko!”

Me: “Wait…you know my name?”

Monster: [Grins] “As you might or might not know, climate change is an ever-growing problem brought on by the carbon dioxide that is released from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas. But there is a way we can change all this for the better, like choosing to go carbon neutral!”

Me: “Oh, enlighten me…”

Monster: “Carbon neutrality is a way of taking responsibility for the greenhouse gasses we create every time you drive your car, take a plane or turn your TV. It’s based on the principle that, since climate change is a global problem, an emission reduction made elsewhere has the same positive effect as one made locally!”

Me: “Yeah, yeah little monster, but how does it work?”

Monster: “What you add in the way of polluting emissions, you can effectively subtract by purchasing ‘carbon offsets,’ which are credits for emission reductions achieved by projects elsewhere (see WindBuilders and RemooableEnergy) that are positive global impacts in the way of wind, solar, and other energy efficient outlets!”

Me: “Okay little guy, but what can I do right now?”

Monster: “Turn off your lights, computer, and television when you leave your room or house. Make use of your city or town’s public transportation or start a carpool. If you can afford it, buy a hybrid vehicle. Better yet, ride a bike! Eat meat-free meals once a week. Stop smoking. Stop using pesticides. GET INVOLVED! STAY INFORMED!”

Me: “Wow, ok — sounds simple enough. Can I kiss you now?”

Monster: “First we save the planet…”

Me: “Wow, we really create a mess of things in our daily habits and rituals. It’s good to know that there is way we can offset all of these emissions by funding alternative energy sources.”

— Marko

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