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Pete Doherty, Carl Barat Reunite Onstage

When the latest Pete Doherty-centric news crossed the pond this morning, it didn’t concern his latest rehab stint, the mysterious death of a friend, medicating a napping pal, or even the shambolic rocker’s attempt at acquiring a new hobby, it regarded what many fans have crossed their fingers for, a Libertines reunion. Last night (April 12), during a scheduled solo performance from Doherty at London’s Hackney Empire venue, the tousled singer/songwriter cut through roughly an hour of Babyshambles material before proclaiming that he had a special guest, one “Mr. Carlos Barat.” The two then shared the stage for the first time since the 2003 break-up of the Libertines for a 13-song set, including renditions of “What Katie Did,” “What a Waster,” “Time for Heroes,” “Don’t Look Back into the Sun,” and the Mamas & the Papas’ “Dream a Little Dream.”

But when the show concluded with the duo raising each other’s hand in the air, surely illustrating the mend of their once fragmented friendship, the ubiquitous question pondered if the reunion was also the rebirth of a full-fledged musical partnership. A binding query considering Doherty’s reported interest in releasing material with supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss and the never-ending stream of news, web videos, drug problems, and performances broadcast from the Doherty camp. And also, let’s not forget, Mr. Barat’s tied up with his successful post-punk outfit the Dirty Pretty Things. But nonetheless, bloggers are unleashing upon the web, inserting their two-cents, and most, praying for the return of the two cockney rockers under the Libertines moniker.

Here’s what bloggers are saying about Doherty and Barat’s onstage reunion:

“Could it be true? Have the Likely Lads stitched up the rips in their once-sturdy fabric? Will I now have to book a flight to England soon and have to lean on Alan McGee’s shoulder for support as I watch my fave band of this decade back in action? I sure as hell hope so!” — Tim Napalm,

“Could an official reunion be in the works?” —

“FYI — the Libertines suck, and Doherty taints Barat’s talent.” — Gemenaga,

“Last night, I witnessed the most utterly amazing gig of my life. Looking back on it, it seems a dream, as if I wasn’t really there, but watching myself there.” — J-to-the-Osle,

“Is it going to last? I have no idea, but I would like to see more impromptu appearances from either Libertine at each other’s gigs. Will we hear the third coming?” — Chris,

“It was the most emotionally charged gig I’ve attended.” — Maggot,

Talk: Will the reunion last?