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Mary Timony Band: Locked and Loaded

If Mary Timony strayed too far into the forest for you on solo outings like the precious prog of 2002’s Golden Dove, never fear: it seems as though she left a few breadcrumbs for herself. While she hasn’t abandoned idiosyncrasies like her symbolically rich lyrics, as centerpiece of the Mary Timony Band’s trio, Timony’s guitar once again trumps her keyboards, and Chad Molter’s base pumps up anything that might have missed muscle. The low-fi edge and Timony’s clear monotone singing on “Sharpshooter” signals a return to her Helium roots, and the solid base of Devin Ocampo’s precision drumming makes a welcome addition to the mix. The Shapes We Make, the Mary Timony Band’s debut on Kill Rock Stars, arrives May 8. BRIANA MOWREY

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