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Let’s Go Sailing

Who? Let’s Go Sailing’s music is so dreamily introspective, it’s hardly surprising that a few songs have already worked their way into Meredith Grey’s internal monologues on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. And as an album nearly four years in the making, Let’s Go Sailing’s The Chaos in Order is as smoothly-crafted as its title. The brainchild of Shana Levy, formerly of indie pop outfit Irving, Let’s Go Sailing’s debut album features contributions of several of Levy’s collaborators and cohorts, notably the Silversun Pickups’ Nikki Monninger. In the end, the album’s feel is appropriately layered and textured, with a sound as sunny and warm as the Sundays and as richly melodic as Trespassers William — albeit with considerably less melancholy than the latter.

What’s the Deal? Levy steers it through the surges and emotional swells of songs like “Sideways” and coasts through the thickened calm of “All I Want From You Is Love,” the two tunes that recently lent their pensive chords to Grey’s. Levy channels her inner piano-recital with the bare “Come Home Safely” that hits you as raw as Nick Drake. The vibe of “Too Many Stars” is strongly reminiscent of Trespassers William’s similarly titled track “Different Stars.” Still, Levy catches her stride in a distinctive delivery that is wistfully upbeat, especially on the toe-tapping and heartbreaking “Heart Condition.”

Fun Fact: Flaming Lips fans may find Let’s Go Sailing particularly familiar. Engineer Chris Chandler has been culling samples from The Chaos in Order, during its various stages of completion, for the house music during Flaming Lips shows for the last several years. TRICIA SUMMERS

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